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To report data problems, inquire about data interpretation, or obtain methods details for ENCODE data:
Contact the ENCODE lab that produced the data. All ENCODE tracks at UCSC provide a lab data contact in the Credits section of the data track description page.

For questions regarding how to access ENCODE data using the UCSC Genome Browser and related tools:
Post your question to the public UCSC Genome Project mailing list, genome@soe.ucsc.edu. See the UCSC Genome Browser Project contacts page for more information.

 ENCODE Project at UCSC
  • Jim Kent: Principal Investigator
  • Kate Rosenbloom: Technical Project Manager, Software Engineer
  • Cricket Sloan: Project Coordinator, Data Technician
  • Galt Barber: Software Engineer
  • Brian Lee: Quality Assurance
  • Katrina Learned: Quality Assurance Lead for ENCODE and Genome Browser
  • Ann Zweig: Genome Browser Technical Project Manager
  • Robert Kuhn: Genome Browser Associate Director, Outreach
  • Donna Karolchik: Genome Browser Engineering Progam Manager

      And project alumni: Melissa Cline, Tim Dreszer, Ruihua Fang, Steve Heitner, Vanessa Kirkup, Jeffrey Long, Morgan Maddren, Venkat Malladi, Larry Meyer, Brian Raney and Matt Wong.